"I Don't Give a Damn" is an original song in JD: Meant To Be: The Golden Era by Ballerina and Melody. The theme is very easy to pick out as the lyrics clearly state the message Melody Phoenix and ChristinaGrimmieLove were trying to get across.


The plot is about a father who has decided to neglect his children for drugs. The song is coming from the childrens' point of view and the actresses ChristinaGrimmieLove and Melody Phoenix know this theme very well, as they have experienced it first-hand with their own father.


Melody: You go around and you buy yourself drugs,
No care in the world, I unbear but you lug.
And you think that I care, but I don't give a damn.

Ballerina: You go around town and hook up with a girl.
Thinking that I care just makes me want to hurl.
But quite frankly
I just don't give a damn.

Both: Don't care bout your life, or your new wife
I mean you put down the love, and pick up a knife
Dreaming of getting me back, you're the typical man
But it's just that you yell out of cocaine and crack
Cussing at us, but we turn our back,
It's not that we care, 'cause we don't give a damn.

Christina: You think that your cocaine was good for your mental health
It didn't help in keeping your kids or your wealth

Melody (rapping): And you wanted it, the money, but I don’t give damn
Stealing from a young girl, oh boy, what a gentleman
You forget all about your precious four daughters
It’s as if we were pigs, you threw us in the slaughter
I hate that chick that hooked you up with all that sh*t
Tell us you aren’t drugged up, what am I, an idiot?

Both: I could tell by all the times you were out at midnight,
I’m not really trying to pick a fight.
Haven’t seen you in a year,
But I’ve made it this far, look at me now.
You chose to tweak over your fam,
But tell me, does it look like I give a damn?

Ballerina: You won’t have to walk me down the aisle,

Melody: Because Grandpa’s gonna do it just fine.

Both: You don’t even have to be here anymore, because I’ve made it this far without you, "Dad"

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