"How To Be Newly Single" is a Season 4 episode of the hit show, JD: Meant To Be.


Emma shows J.D. Central why being single is better than dating when Joey breaks up with him.


When Joey breaks up with J.D. Central, Emma decides to give him a "class" to demonstrate how being single is better than dating. Meanwhile, Ballerina, Melody, and Falco tutor Jimmy for school,


  • Jimmy has been recast.
  • Ballerina, Melody, Emma, Falco, and J.D. Central are the only ones of the main cast members to appear.
  • When Ballerina speaks Albanian, you can tell she is being dubbed.


Ballerina: That's really great news! Është e mahnitshme që të ketë sukses në diçka që duket kaq e vështirë!

Jimmy: Ohh.... bless you.

Ballerina: I did not say that...


Jimmy: How am I supposed to know the full number of pi?

Falco: 3.14159265359

Ballerina: I don't think that's the full number.


Emma: J.D., it's okay to be single! That means no more being bossed around!

J.D.: But... but...

Emma: What?

J.D.: What about my parents?

Emma: Okay, they don't count.


Falco: Okay, name the abbreviation for "potassium".

Jimmy: Po.?

Falco: K.

Jimmy: Oh I got a question right?!

Falco: Oh no, it's literally "k".


Singing Whenever! sung By The Cast

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson sung by Emma and JD

Gold by Brit Nicole sung by The Cast

Bad Day by Danial Powter sung by Emma

Play Date by Melanie Martinez sung by Joey and JD

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