Dancer (opening quote): You know when a day seems fine, then it gets hella serious? Well, I witnessed that. So did some friends.

Ballerina: Hmm. What different of a day is this?

Emma; It's gonna be different, aren't we on break anyway?

Kitty: No dip. But no drama!

Dancer: No gross food!

Natalia: So... maybe it's a different day because we aren't in school.

Ballerina: Yeah...

Alyssa and John walk into the house.

John: Well, maybe it is!

Alyssa: Stop listening through their window. You seem like a creep.

John: You were, too!

Alyssa: Does that make any difference?


John: No.

Alyssa: So what's up, doc?

Natalia: Doc?

Alyssa: Yeah!

Emma: Nobody does that.


Ballerina: Guys, I'm going to visit my cousin!

Dancer: Me too!


Emma: Okay, I'm going.


John: Okay.

(at Ballerina's cousin's house)

Ballerina: Oh, hey Melody!

(Melody sits down with tears in her eyes)

Ballerina: Melody? What's wrong?

Melody: Go inside. Now.

Ballerina: Mel-

Melody: Christina, you have to. It's Jennie.

(The gang goes inside)

John: You didn't tell me her name was Christina!

Natalia: Yeah, and what happened to Demi?

Dancer: Something... happened.

(they look at Ballerina, who looks up)

Ballerina: What?

(John raises an eyebrow and slightly looks at the camera)

Ballerina: Oh dear lord, John!

John: Sorry.

Jennie: What's happening?

(Checks her scarred wrists and arms)

Jennie: I'm going to die.

Ballerina: JENNIE!

Jennie: Ballerina?

Ballerina: Jennie, what's going on?

Jennie: Get me to the hospital.

Natalia: Oh man, I'll call 911.

(calls 911)

Operator: What's your emergency?

Natalia: Hello, there's been a suicide attempt and we need your help.

Operator: What's the address?

Natalia: Hold on.

(Turns head to Ballerina)

Natalia: What's the address?

Ballerina: [bleep] (for privacy)

Natalia: [bleep]

Operator: We'll be right there.

Later in the hospital:

Hospital Lady: Who are you here to see?

Ballerina: Jennie Marie Smith.

Hospital Lady: Room 315, third floor.

Alyssa: You mean HEIGHTS?!

Ballerina: Thank you. Come on Alyssa.

(In the room)

Jennie: Oh [bleep], what have I done?

Emma: You attempted suicide and we called 911.

Natalia: I did. They did nothing.

Ballerina: I gave the address.

Dancer: Should we sing to you...

Ballerina: Jennie

Dancer: Jennie?

Jennie: Sure...

(Sabrina enters)


Emma: Not this again...

Jennie: Who's that?

Emma: Do we even know?

Jennie: My favorite artist is Kelly Clarkson, so if you want to serenade me, that'd be great.

Natalia: Who's going first?

Dancer: Ballerina and me.

Ballerina: Can me and Dancer go into the hall for a minute to discuss our song?

Rest: Sure?

(Ballerina and Dancer go into the hall)

Dancer: What do we do?!

Ballerina: She said Kelly was her favorite artist. We know so much, so what should we sing?

Dancer: [whispers inaudibly]

Ballerina: Okay.

They both go back into the room and sing Heartbeat Song.

Emma: This is my heartbeat song, but I don't want to sing Kelly.

Alyssa: Too bad. She's suffering.

Natalia: You have to look behind her...

Ballerina: Eyes?

Jennie: Yes, eyes!

Natalia: OH! I KNOW A SONG!

Natalia sings Behind These Hazel Eyes.

Jennie: So now what?

John: Guess I'll sing.

Sabrina: I'm going to get a Coke.

(Sabrina leaves)

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