Falco's First Love is an episode in JD: Meant To Be.


Ballerina introduces Falco to 6f and they instantly fall in love with each other.


Ballerina introduces her friend Falco to 6f. They instantly fall in love with each other, but they keep their relationship a secret.


  • This episode is 6f's debut in the series.
  • Falco and 6f's relationship is a reference to FalcoLombardi99 having a crush on 6f5e4d.
  • Even though Ballerina knows 6f longer than Falco, FalcoLombardi99 knew 6f5e4d longer than ChristinaGrimmieLove.
  • Ballerina and 6f met from the mathematics team. She secretly knew that Falco would be interested in him.
  • All the songs sung are from musicals and from Disney films in this episode (with the exception of the theme song and All About Us)
  • You Can't Stop The Beat is the only song in the episode that the whole cast sings in (excluding the theme song)
  • Falco and 6f both have two solo songs each and they have three songs which are duets in this episode.
    • They sing the most songs in this episode.
  • When 6f sings "All About Us" he wears clothes resembling P2 of All About Us.
  • "You're Welcome" and "How Far I'll Go" had slight lyric changes to fit the episode more.
  • When Falco and 6f sings "You're The One That I Want" they wear clothes resembling P2 of You're The One That I Want.
  • This is the second episode to feature Just Dance references, after California Dreams.


Ballerina: Falco, I have a surprise for you. Meet 6f, my new friend from the mathematics team. 6f, this is Falco.

6f: Wow... he's... tall.

Ballerina: Yeah, and strong, you should see him lift up the cheerleaders.


Falco: I've finally found love...


Ballerina: I demand an explanation....

Falco: Fine! We're dating.



Singing Wherever! - sung by Meant To Be

I Won't Say I'm In Love by Disney's Hercules - sung by Falco and 6f

You're The One That I Want by Cast Of Grease - sung by Falco and 6f

Without Love by Cast of Hairspray - sung by Falco and 6f

For The First Time In Forever by Disney's Frozen - sung by Falco

All About Us by Jordan Fisher - sung by 6f

How Far I'll Go by Disney's Moana - sung by Falco

You're Welcome by Disney's Moana - sung by 6f

You Can't Stop The Beat by Cast of Hairspray - sung by Meant To Be

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