Falco is a main character in JD: Meant to Be. He is played by FalcoLombardi99. His personality is that he is very smart and kind and strong but he is slightly arrogant but is very shy as well.
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Appearance in the series (shirtless)

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Falco with shirt and jacket on


  • He is the tallest character to be featured, which his height is 6 foot 7.
  • Ballerina is the first one to see him on the show.
  • He wears no shirt in the episode because his parents doesn't have any shirts that fit him because of his height
  • He is known to stutter a lot in the series
  • He is the second in command of the Star Fox team
  • He's the strongest character physically and mentally
  • He takes medication
  • 6f is his boyfriend
  • He is both a nerd and a jock
  • His legs are mechanical
  • Falco is the first character to be based on a video game character.
  • He is the only character to be a cyborg
  • When Falco kisses 6f, he has to get on his knees to kiss him because of how tall he is.
  • He is one of the tutors who helps his fellow classmates with work after school.
  • He's in basketball, wrestling, baseball, drama club, Meant To Be, sci-fi club, after school tutoring, music club, movie club, and football
  • He is a big fan of Linkin Park and Hey Violet
  • He is somewhat socially awkward.
  • He skipped 4th and 8th grade and got held back in 9th grade
  • He is the newest student at the high school.
  • He is autistic
  • When Falco walks into some of the classrooms he hits his head on the door.
  • In all the classes he's in, he is the only student who sits in the back of the class because of his height.
  • His legs are robotic legs because he had to get his legs replaced with robotic legs due to him being injured in a car accident with his parents and siblings.
  • He has two younger siblings who appeared in A Meant To Be New Year Party.
  • He is a Christian.
  • He takes medication to control his thoughts and make him less depressed.
  • Falco may not appear in future episodes due to an incident.
  • He doesn't appear in Meant to Argue because him and 6f and their families were in France for a vacation.
  • After his return to the series, he has a wardrobe change. He now wears a grey tank top, blue jeans and black sneakers but sometimes wears sunglasses as well.