"Double Date" is an episode in Season 4 of JD: Meant To Be. The writer and director is Just Dance Central, and the release date is to be determined.


Demancer (Ballerina and Dancer) and JoeyCentral (J.D. Central and Joey Balverino) go on a double date.


J.D. gets nervous after he promises Joey they'd go on a date so he asks Ballerina and Dancer to do a double date with them and chaos ensues.


JDC:...And that's why I need your help!

(Ballerina just ignores him)

JDC: Hello! Hello! Ugh!

Ballerina: Why did you snatch my headphones!

JDC: I was asking if you and Dancer could go on a double date with me and Joey.

Ballerina: Why can't you guys go alone?

J.D. Central: Because if I go alone, I'll probably be humiliated.

Ballerina: Okay. On one condition.

J.D. Central: Anything. Anything at all.

Ballerina: If you really want to go on your first date, share your interests with Joey.

J.D. Central: But... I'm interested in directing and...

Ballerina: Hey now, hey now... this is what dreams are made of!

J.D. Central: Oh my god....


Ballerina: Dancer get your ass down here, we're going on a double date!


Singing Whenever! sung by The Cast

On Purpose by Sabrina Carpenter - sung by Ballerina


  • Joey and J.D. go on their first date.
  • J.D. finally admits he got over Ballerina.
  • This is the episode Joey is introduced.

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