Note: This episode is for teenagers who want to date.

Dating is the third episode of the second season of JD: Meant To Be. It will be released October 25, 2016.

It is directed by DancerTheSinger and written by TheEmmaShow.


Emma and Alyssa look into the world of dating.


Emma and Alyssa review the world of dating for teens who want to date.


ChristinaGrimmieLove as Ballerina

DancerTheSinger as Dancer

TheEmmaShow as Emma

JohnJD1302 as John

AlyssaTheMusicGeek as Alyssa

PinkStar19 as Natalia

Guest Stars

Coolharry64 as Harry

Prettyfennekin22800 as Ember

Bigfatonionslice as Onion


  • TheEmmaShow's character is the only recurring character who doesn't have a love interest because of their sexuality.
  • The student who sang, "Ah ah ah, bububububu" was referencing Alphabet Boy by Melanie Martinez, a song in Doll Land.


Ballerina: You look good!

Dancer: Not as much as you!

Ballerina: Oh, stop it.

Dancer: You stop it.

Ballerina: STOP IT!

Dancer: Mmkay.


Ember: How is the world of dating good?

Alyssa: It calms your soul.

Harry: So do you...

Alyssa: Mmmkay.


Emma: Welcome to the world of dating. What doesn't hurt you is love.


Ballerina: Whoa...

Dancer: Wow....

Ballerina: My name is- is... Ba-ba...



Onion: I think love is good for you. Might be disgusting in your lifetime, but you'll get used to it!

Emma: What do you think love can get to?

Onion: Well... I don't usually get this question a lot, so I'll think this through... when two people love each other-


Singing Whenever! - theme - sung by Meant To Be

Love You Like a Love Song by Selena Gomez & The Scene - sung by Ballerina

Kinds of Love in This Joyful School (parody of Kids in America by Kim Wilde) - sung by Emma and Alyssa

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