(The scene starts in Meant To Be's recording studio. The crew is hanging around when two of their producers come in)

Producer #1: Good news, guys!

Dancer: What is it?

Producer #2: We booked you guys a trip to L.A.!

Melody: What?!

Ballerina: You mean, Cali-life?!

Dancer: That's amazing! But... why?

Producer #2: Because there's a boarding school there that supports children whose parents are going through a tough spot in life. We want you guys to go there and be even more supportive!

Dancer: So we go to children and support?

Producer #1: Well, don't put it that way, put it as "you guys going to an academy in L.A. to hang with them"!

Ballerina: Sounds legit!

Producer #2: If you think that's great, listen to this: you might run into celebrities there!

Dancer: *gasp* STARS?!

(starts gasping)

Dancer: I can't breathe!

Producer #1: But not Kelly Clarkson.

(Dancer stops)

Dancer: That's bulls**t then.


(The scene starts in Los Angeles, California. The crew arrives at their hotel room door)

Ballerina: Oh my gosh, you have no idea how excited I am! Do you?

Joey: Well, considering the fact that we've been holding your knees down to keep you calm, yes.

Dancer: Relax, Bal. The producers were probably kidding when they said, "OH IT'S GONNA BE A JOLLY GOOD TIME!". I swear, it'll be so bad, you got excited for nothing.

Emma: Okay, guys. Ready to go in?

Natalia: Ready as f***.

John: Natalia!

Natalia: What?!

(John gives her a look as Sky's cell phone rings. Sky answers it)

Sky: Hello?

Onion: Hey, could you put Ballerina on the phone?

Sky: Yeah. Hang on.

(Puts hand over receiver)

Sky: Psst. Ballerina!

(Hands phone over to Ballerina, as she takes it)

Emma: Here's the room key, by the way.

(Hands card to her)

Ballerina: Thanks.

(Takes it as the rest of the crew goes off to tour around the hotel as Ballerina talks to Onion)

Ballerina: Wish you were here, Onion!

Onion: Yeah, well that's the good news.

Ballerina: What?

(Onion grins)

Onion: I'm at your hotel!

Ballerina: What?!

Voice: Excuse me.

Ballerina: Oh, Onion, your voice sounds different.

Voice: No, it's not Onion. Who even is he?

Ballerina: Hold on, Onion. Someone's talking to me.

(Ballerina turns and there stands Tyler Oakley)

Tyler: Uh, hello?

Ballerina: I'm gonna call you back.

(Hangs up and puts phone in pocket)

Ballerina: Tyler? Tyler Oakley?

Tyler: Yes, this is he.

Ballerina: Hi! What are you doing here?

Tyler: I'm not sure. My roommate decided to bring us here.

Ballerina: Oh, who's that?

Tyler: Joey Graceffa.

Ballerina: Oh.

Tyler: Oh?

Ballerina: Oh. Oh!

Tyler: Oh???

Ballerina: Ah!

Tyler: Um....

Tyler, Ballerina: OH MY GOSH!

Ballerina: You're the YouTuber!

Tyler: And you're that girl from Meant To Be!

Ballerina: Oh my god, I have to tell them you're here. Just bring Joey-

Tyler: and Miranda

Ballerina: And when I signal you guys, enter to prove that you're here- wait, MIRANDA SINGS?!

Tyler: Yes!

(Back at the front door)

Falco: Where the hell is Ballerina?

Kylie: Probably getting unpacked, still.

Sky: Yeah, but does it take that long?

Onion: Guys, speak of the devil.

Harry: No thanks. I don't really want to.

Onion: But I didn't- never mind.

(Ballerina opens door)

Ballerina: Guys come in! I'd like you guys to meet someone.

Onion: Who?

Tyler: Hey!

Kylie: Oh my gosh! Ballerina finally got a date!

Ballerina: I'm dating Tyler now?

Sky: Seems unnecessary...

Falco: You say it like you're in love with her.

Sky: What?! No!

Kylie: Okay, suit yourself. Welcome, Tyler!

Emma: So... any other surprises?

(Tyler's Hotel Room)

Joey Graceffa: Where's Tyler, already?!

Miranda: Hold your Anti-Porn Unicorns, Jojo. He'll be here any minute.

Joey G.: Jojo? Excuse me?

Miranda: Hey, don't punch a lady.

(phone rings)

Miranda: Miranda Incorporated, Miranda speaking. Uh-huh. Nuh-uh. Yes, I'd love to have whoever-Ballerina-is date Joey sometime!

Joey: WHAT?!

(snatches phone)

Miranda: That was my weave.

Joey G.: Sorry, what? Okay.

(hangs up)

(MTB's hotel room)

J.D.: This is so boring. We need something else.

Joey G.: Hello!

J.D.: Joey?!?!?!?! Oh my god, come here!

Joey: *sigh* Is he ever going to get over this crush?

Emma: I don't know, but we wasted a heck of a lot of time, because look, it's nighttime, time for y'all to get out.

(pushes Miranda and all the boys out of the room)

Emma: Finally. Time to chillax.

Ballerina: Oops.

Natalia: Accident?

Ballerina: No, I forgot to turn in Sky's phone. SKY.

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