California Dreams is an episode in JD: Meant To Be.


When Meant To Be goes to California, they work together with extra help to support kids with the toughest luck.


When Meant To Be goes to California to visit a boarding school full of kids containing tough lives.


  • In this episode, Dancer and Ballerina take a break from their relationship and Melody takes a hiatus from trying to find a love interest, hence Cake's presence.
  • In "Don't Stop Me Now" and "Je sais pas danser", there are many references to Just Dance.
    • In both DSMN and JSPD, Ballerina wears the outfit for Bang, except she wears a blue pair of leggings under the outfit.
    • During the DSMN sequence, Emma, Alyssa, and Melody wear Nine In The Afternoon P1's outfit. In JSPD, they're all in YOUTH's outfit.
    • Before the JSPD sequence, Joey is shown listening to Melanie Martinez's cover of "Lights" for The Voice before switching to "Je sais pas danser". The Voice featured Adam Levine, the main singer of Maroon 5, who sang Maroon 5 and was the coach of Melanie, who sang "Toxic" (which is featured in Just Dance 2) for her audition and sang "Lights" (a song featured in Just Dance 2016) during her course on the show.
    • In both, the Just Dance logo is seen on the balloons inside the boarding school.
  • The episode originally had a different plot, however it was scrapped due to unfamiliar reasons.


Ballerina: There seems to be a lot of cool people here.

Victoria: OUTTA MY WAY!

Emma: Except her, obviously.


Singing Whenever! sung by Meant To Be

Don't Wait by Joey Graceffa - sung by Kylie and Joey

Cake by Melanie Martinez - sung by Ballerina

Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 - sung by the boys of JD: Meant To Be

California Gurls by Katy Perry - sung by the girls of JD: Meant To Be

Don't Stop Me Now by Queen - sung by the cast and guest stars

Je sais pas danser by Natoo - sung by the cast and guest stars

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