Baldancentral is the love triangle between Ballerina, Dancer, and J.D. Central. The triangle was first revealed in A Crush? when J.D. Central admitted his crush on Ballerina, and then found out she was dating Dancer. He left the band for a little bit, but was able to join the band again. He confronted the two and at the end of A Crush?, he left Ballerina to choose which one she wants: Dancer or him. She chose Dancer.


The first part of the story was made with Demancer, which was in Talk To Him!, the second episode. They sang a love song together. J.D. Central came along and noticed Ballerina, and had a crush on her since. The first to realize his crush was Ballerina's cousin, Melody, who had an on/off friendship with Dancer, which affected her opinion on which one Ballerina should date. In An Unoriginal Idea, J.D. finally admitted his crush on Ballerina and then found out she was dating Dancer. Ballerina made her decision in A Crush? for Dancer because him and Melody were friends in an on and off relationship. Melody referred to JDC as a stranger, not a good idea for dating.

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