A Meant To Be Christmas is a Christmas special. It'll be aired during season four but it's taking place during the Season 2 era.


Meant To Be is asked to host a holiday special.


Meant To Be is asked to host a holiday special to promote their new album and they don't know if they can handle it.


  • Joey is revealed to be Jewish.
  • This is the first Christmas special.
  • Joey says that they start Hanukkah on Christmas Eve, meaning this episode takes place during Season Two (2016).


Joey: Guys... I have something to tell you.

Ballerina: What is it?

Joey: I'm Jewish, so I might not be celebrating Christmas...

Dancer: That's too bad, might as well uninvite J.D. too!

Emma: Actually... there are two things we could do... either introduce him to Christmas, or we get introduced to Hanukkah!

Dancer: No!

Melody (loud enough for Dancer to hear): We'd be so glad to celebrate Hanukkah with you, Joey.

Joey: Well, great! This year we start Christmas Eve, but- hey, why don't we celebrate both?

Ballerina: That's a good idea! Get outta here, Joey!

Joey: Really?

Ballerina: Nah.


Dancer (reluctantly): Light the candles.


Singing Whenever! (Christmas Version) - sung by The Cast

All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey - sung by J.D. and Joey

Let It Snow by Sammy Cahn sung by - The Cast

All I Want For Christmas Is My Too Front Teeth by Spike Jones - sung by Melody

Jingle Bell Rock by Tina Rossi - sung by Emma and Alyssa

Hanukkah Song by Adam Sandler sung by Joey

Cheek To Cheek by Frank Sinatra - sung by Dancer

Silver Bells by Sabrina Carpenter - sung by Ballerina

Winter Wonderland by Michael Bublè - sung by the cast

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